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While everyone wasn’t in total agreement, most everyone agreed that there can be situations where consolidation is the best route to go. Note: The above quotes are excerpts that were taken from the comments and may not be the comment in its entirety. Some readers felt that clearly defined niche sites are the route to go. The thing is that there isn’t a all strategy for deciding if you need one website or multiple sites.

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Administrators can further increase productivity by leveraging the many cmdlets included with the Windows Power Shell Snap-In for IIS 7.0.

Let’s say you have fifty thousand dollars in federal loans.

,000 FEDERAL LOANS Fifteen thousand dollars in subsidized loans SUBSIDIZED, ,000 PRINCIPAL at a three point five percent interest rate, @3.5% INTEREST and then two different unsubsidized loans: UNSUBSIDIZED a loan of twenty thousand dollars ,000 PRINCIPAL with a four percent interest rate, @4% INTEREST and a loan of fifteen thousand dollars ,000 PRINCIPAL with a five percent interest rate.

School officials wrote in a letter to parents that the new property will grow the campus to a total of 22.7 acres and allow Sidwell to share a single campus for the first time since 1963, when the elementary school grades moved to Edgemoor Lane in Bethesda, Md.

“The resulting continuity and strengthened sense of community will improve the Sidwell Friends experience for generations to come,” Head of school Bryan Garman and board of trustees clerk Margaret Plank wrote in the letter.


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