Eharmony dating message board

Also they can x you from just the thumbnail tile, so they don't have to ''view'' you to archive you or close you. e H has been especially all-screwed-up this past week.A few years back, when I first decided to try online dating, I went on e Harmony and filled in their questionnaire, and got told that they were unable help me.

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We deserve the best possible experience in this anguishing process of hope and despair—not to be treated like suckers by a carnival barker.e H has been especially all-screwed-up this past week.I've been getting icebreakers from ghost matches (who don't appear anywhere in my account.) e H's support even claims that one my my ghost matches was blocked by me, but I didn't, and the date/time of the icebreaker is AFTER the date/time I supposedly blocked her.Once you join, nothing can be done to cancel the additional months.I tried modifying my card info on file to an expired card once I heard about their billing practices. I tried deactivating my “subscription renewal.” Doesn’t work.Accordingly, I have merged all the discussion back onto this page.


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