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Would you believe we found each other almost immediately upon joining your site? :) You know, if it hadn't been for the Brainiac Dating ad you put on Facebook back in February 2010, David and I probably never would have found each other.

He is a super genius and I obtained a Ph D in nuclear physics at 18. Thank you for creating this site and giving us intellectuals a place to meet.When my friend was in her 20s, single and living in New York City, she called her suburban mother a few times a week.Often the conversation started with her mom asking, “So?After a strange summer of hibernation and ambiguous relationships, I’ve cracked out of the comfort zone cocoon to take a whack at dating, yet again. Like any modern woman, the world wide web is my go-to spot for tracking down hard-to-find desires such as mermaid artwork and hot lesbians with a sense of humor. This week, UK-based JDI Dating was fined by the Federal Trade Commission for emitting fake profiles that had one tiny catch: in order to talk to the gorgeous woman who was supposedly interested in you, you had to pay JDI Dating a little money.


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