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In 1997 she appeared in Woody Allen's Deconstructing Harry.

She supplied the singing voice for Jessica Rabbit in the animated film Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

In 1999 she reprised her role as Sue Snell in "The Rage: Carrie 2".

Irving also appeared in the TV show Alias as Emily Sloane, portrayed Princess Anjuli in the big-budget miniseries epic The Far Pavilions and headlined the lavish TV production Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna.

After he was let go from his job due to the 2008 recession, he was forced to find a new opportunity.

Myke immigrated to Canada from the Middle East when he was a teenager.

For much of his young life he battled through bulimia and depression.

It wasn’t until a financial adviser gave him a loan and some advice to go follow his passion.

Now Myke helps men feel more confident and live their ideal lives.


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