My sister dating non muslim watch world series of dating episode 1

Okay this is going to be long and a lot of this may just be me venting but I really don't think I have anywhere else to turn and I will be forever grateful if someone on here can help me out of my situation!

I'm a married woman, have 2 children, one son and one daughter.

For the past 9 months or so I have been dating a dear man from Libya who is here for school on a scholarship.

From the beginning it has been clear that there are obstacles to our being together and we kept it very casual and light, but in the past few months we have become much, much closer and he expressed his love for me, and now I have allowed myself to love him very dearly also.

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Others have found solace in kindred spirits (see the posting of Becs).

However, if a non-believer makes a will leaving one-third or less of his wealth to his child (son or daughter), one is entitled to take it, because this is a will as opposed to inheritance according to a non-Islamic system.

I find myself in a hard situation with a Muslim man I love.

If you’re in a difficult situation where you think someone will try to shake your hand, the best thing to do is just smile and say, "My people don’t shake hands" and then explain why.

And why, is because we believe a woman’s touch is a privilege and she doesn’t just share it with anyone.


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    It was late summer when we met, on a patio jutting out onto the Pacific.