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Hi There Instead of writing a vast list of what I think is going wrong with my PC, I will just sum it all up by saying that I have over the past two years been unable to use a PC properly.

The chaos that has marked this election cycle will soon culminate in a perfect storm, a storm that will mask an underlying flood of illegal voters.

A year ago, illegals were given drivers’ licenses in states ranging from California to Maryland.

A few months ago, leftists sued in federal court asking the judge to prevent states from stopping illegal aliens who are trying to vote.

The email linked to a video appeal in which Engelbrecht warns that a “flood of illegal voters” could “turn over the Senate, the House and thousands of down-ballot elections, with the Supreme Court as the ultimate prize.” She warns that people registering to vote when they get coverage through the Affordable Care Act and the movement to provide drivers’ licenses to undocumented immigrants are part of the “assault on freedom” that will result in undocumented immigrants stealing elections.

In-person voter fraud, which is what voter ID laws are supposedly meant to combat, is exceedingly rare, as are cases of noncitizen immigrants casting ballots.


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